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The Back in Shape Story

Are you at a crossroads in your life?

Liz had been a competitive gymnast in her youth, training 16 hours a week and representing her county.

During this time, she developed a stress fracture in her lower lumbar spine, which caused one of her vertebra to slip forwards. 

A few years on, Liz was working a busy job in marketing which involved sitting for hours a day at a desk. The career and shift from her active lifestyle slowly aggravated the old gymnastic injury, and she started developing symptoms in her neck and upper back. 

At this point, she sought the help of a chiropractor who was able to realign her body, get her joints and muscles moving and working better again and rid her of all her pain! 

To her disbelief, after her first session with the chiropractor, her symptoms completely disappeared. Liz was ecstatic. Years of pain and immobility had been resolved in just one chiropractic session. Sitting in the reception after the appointment, she knew that she would be a chiropractic patient for life. 

After seeing the multiple longer-term benefits of chiropractic in her health, Liz realised that chiropractic was far more than just a pain treatment. She started to notice shifts in her energy, mood and general well-being.

This inspired Liz so much that she retrained as a chiropractor to give back to people who were struggling in the same way that she had been. 

Chiropractic kept Liz going through her career and through marathons and sports. 

Until one day, after she tripped over someone's foot playing rugby, her pelvis shifted, and she began getting pain referring into her left leg. 

An MRI showed that her old injury had shifted further, and the nerve was now being pinched.

Her consultant advised that her only option was surgery. Determined to stay away from having a knife in her back, Liz found that chiropractic was able to keep her symptoms at bay.

Over the years of practice, Liz and her team at Back in Shape started seeing clients with similar stories of frustration and pain. People who had hit a dead end with their health. Told by consultants that there were no options left. Lost and unsure where to turn.

The stories of transformation spanned the community...

In 2022, one of the Back in Shape chiropractors, Megan, treated an emergency patient John. John could barely put any weight on his legs, let alone sit, stand or walk without assistance. Still, he followed Megan's treatment plan to a T and returned to work as a builder after just one week of treatment.

A young woman came to us on crutches, unable to work, and could barely walk due to pain, and her leg kept giving way. She had twice-weekly treatments with Liz for 3 weeks and was able to walk unaided, her leg stopped giving way, and she was able to return to work. On her last treatment with us, she ran up the stairs into the reception!

Another patient, Kate, had near-constant headaches and migraines. In fact, she couldn't remember a day in the last 10 years when she hadn't had some kind of headache. She left after her first appointment with chiropractor Lee, headache free for the first time in years.

One of Liz's most profound stories was about a patient whose chief complaint was face and head pain. She was convinced that her face felt wonky and that she couldn't chew straight or speak straight. Having tried all kinds of other options, she felt frustrated as no one seemed to believe her or have any solutions. After some cranial work with Liz, her pain subsided, and she felt normal again. Chewing and talking was back to how it should be, and her face realigned and straightened.

From assisting pregnancies to getting people walking to wonky faces. Liz's team has seen it all. 

Today, Back in Shape exists to spread positivity, health and joy. 

To give Andover the confidence to live an enriched, fuller and happier life.

"Everything starts and ends with health. We help people at a crossroads in life to rediscover their health by giving them the tools, confidence and support to thrive through the next phase of their living."

Liz Garvey
Chiropractor and director at Back in Shape
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