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Thriving through 60

Having just celebrated a milestone birthday (60) I have been reflecting on the idea of getting older. I must admit the thought was daunting but I have decided to embrace the privilege denied to many people who lose their lives tragically young so I am going to be positive in my approach (not listen to a friend who once said old age is not for the faint hearted). 

For a start I am going to do all I can to remain healthy and keep myself moving. It is so essential to do all we can to use our bodies in the best way we can. Sometimes I feel stiff so I’m not going to stay in one place for too long, for instance not sitting still for too long either if at a desk or in an easy chair, get up and walk around a bit. Gentle stretching is also a good idea perhaps join a Pilates class or yoga. Take a walk to keep the blood flow going, getting some fresh air whatever the weather. 

Diet of course plays its vital part and I read recent blogs by our Liz about the detriment gluten and sugar can cause to our health. So once all the birthday cake has gone, I am going to retry my efforts to cut down on both. I know I don’t feel so bloated when I cut down on gluten. Sugar of course is not so easy to cut out if you’re sweet toothed like me, it’s in everything it seems and is addictive! I am going to try to cut right down and satisfy cravings with some fruit or maybe try dark chocolate, stronger and not so processed. Vital too to keep hydrated and drink plenty of water. Sometimes I find it hard to drink the recommended amount but even having some herbal tea can make a nice change and is hydrating. Peppermint is a favourite, good for digestion. 

Taking supplements, I find useful too Vitamin D and Magnesium in particular but a good idea to discuss with your practitioner first. 

Above all I want to keep an open mind to everything and learn about new ideas and innovations, especially with regards to health but in other ways too. Things change all the time as more research is done. I don’t want to become “stuck in my ways” and not take advantage of new thoughts and ideas. Keep interested. Old dogs can be taught new tricks. 

I may be the oldest member of the BIS team but I have learnt so much from my lovely younger colleagues, they help me keep young at heart, along with my children and grandchildren. Embrace the good times ahead and when days are not so great for any reason there will always be a positive to find.

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