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What Chiropractic Techniques Do We Use?

Here at Back in Shape Chiropractic, our top priority is ensuring our clients are comfortable and that they see and feel results. We aim to enhance the client experience as much as possible, so therefore we offer a range of different techniques to suit all patients. Some clients love to be ‘cracked’ whereas others don’t. So, in this blog we will be explaining a few different techniques that we offer in the clinic… 

1.  Thomson technique 

First introduced in 1955 by Dr J Clay Thomson, this technique uses a ‘segmental drop table’ and high velocity but low force to re-align joints in the body. The adjustment itself is carried out by laying the patient on a drop table that has been adjusted to their weight accordingly and using a swift motion the chiropractor will drop the table slightly to carry the joint through to correspond to the rest of the body. This technique has many benefits such as reduced aches and pains, improves posture, increases flexibility as well as offering greater resistance to injury in the treated area – cool hey! 

This technique is also used to identify differences in leg length – (which usually means the pelvis needs adjusting, and is a very common, but easily treatable issue we see). 

2.  Sacro Occipital technique

To explain this technique, let’s go back to the beginning. Birth. At birth our bodies have maximum health, maximum tolerance and are asymptomatic. But from there, injuries happen – perhaps during birth, or perhaps as we start to grow. Although most of the time our bodies can compensate for these injuries, and we heal. However, as we grow, stress enhances, and so does the body’s natural response to injury. Eventually we adapt and structural changes will take place especially in the spine and pelvis, which will then start to affect our cerebro-spinal fluid (CFS) which can cause all sorts of problems, both physical and neurological! 

Sacro Occipital technique aims to restore the body’s flow of CFS, using blocks that are specially designed to realign the body to its correct form. This technique is extremely low impact and improves balance, stability, and can even help regulate hormones and chemicals in the brain. 

3.  Rock Tape

Rock tape – essentially taping various sections of the body to either stimulate or relax different muscle groups. This technique is highly effective at reducing inflammation, assisting to heal injury and to re-educate the neuromuscular system (all the muscles in the body and the nerves serving them). 

4.  Spinal Manipulative therapy or Diversified.

Spinal Manipulation or the Diversified technique, is a very common technique used by chiropractors. This involves a controlled sudden force to a joint while the body is in a specific position. This technique should not be painful and don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t create the cracking sound – this does not reflect the effectiveness of the adjustment as the noise is caused by a change of pressure in the fluid around the joints.  

5.  Activator

Created by Dr Arlan Fuhr this hugely popular technique focuses on offering gentle impulses, through a handheld spring-loaded device. This allows the chiropractor to offer quick and low force impact to specific points throughout the body. This technique is great as the muscles aren’t able to tense, which means they can’t resist treatment. 

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