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What is kinesiology?

When people ask what I do, and I tell them I’m a kinesiologist I am often faced with a very blank look. That’s fair enough…. not many people have heard the word kinesiology let alone have any idea what it’s all about. (By the way, it’s got nothing to do with tape…you’ll have to see one of the Back in Shape team for that).  

So, what is kinesiology?  

It’s a complimentary health therapy which takes a whole person approach. It identifies the structural, emotional, chemical and energetical imbalances that cause the issues that affect our mental and physical health and our wellbeing. It treats the person, not the symptoms.  

It operates on the principle that different muscles relate to different organs and systems in the body. It uses muscle testing to test the integrity of the muscle’s corresponding circuit to find, and correct, imbalances. It doesn’t matter how fit or physically strong you are – even top athletes’ muscles will test as weak if the system being tested is out of ‘balance’. 

Muscles are balanced by a combination of;  

  • finding the right nutritional supplements for you;  
  • through targeted lymphatic massage;  
  • using Bach Flower remedies; and, 
  • working with the Meridian System (which is based on acupuncture points).  

Who is it for? 

Anyone and everyone, from children to your granny. It can help from everyday health ‘niggles’ to improving long term more debilitating or serious conditions, sometimes significantly. In today’s increasingly hectic world everybody has at least an ache, pain or niggle that would benefit from kinesiology. 

What can it help with? 

Anything and everything from; 

  • neck and back ache  
  • migraines and headaches 
  • IBS 
  • hormonal issues (including Endometriosis) 
  • poor sleep or feeling tired all the time 
  • food sensitivities and intolerances 
  • Fibromialga  
  • stress and anxiety 
  • frequent infections 
  • to eczema, psoriasis, acne and 
  • allergies.

You get out of it what you put in. 

Kinesiology can be life-changing but, like most things in life, the more effort you put into it the more you get out of it. Treatments could reveal the need to make dietary or lifestyle changes and these might be really challenging changes to make, although sometimes they only need to be short term. Often there are nutritional supplements to take, which are specifically tailored to your needs, and it can be hard to get into the habit of remembering to take them. Good quality supplements can be more expensive than the ones you get in the supermarket, so there is a financial commitment too. But I’m here to help and support you, so you’re not alone. And the bottom line is, it’s worth it! With a little effort and a few adjustments, you can feel good / better / your best. And who doesn’t want that? 

If you’ve struggled to find help or relief from other healthcare professionals, have on-going health issues, or have been told ‘you have IBS / you’re just tired/stressed / it’s all in your head / and there’s nothing we can do for you’. Or, if you simply feel a bit under par and want to feel your best, Kinesiology could help.  

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