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Healthy Things To Do In Andover

We have a huge variety of healthy things to do in Andover

In this guide, our team have hand-picked a range of (our favourite) activities designed to enhance your physical and mental well-being. 

From tranquil yoga studios to invigorating walking trails, Andover offers countless options to keep you active and engaged. 

This guide not only highlights fun and wholesome activities but also underscores the importance of maintaining spinal health, a cornerstone of our chiropractic practice, as a vital part of a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Yoga + Pilates

Loupe Yoga Studio

Situated out in the countryside of Andover, Loup Yoga Studio offers a tranquil space for individuals to practise yoga, catering to all levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners. 

The studio emphasises mental clarity and physical strength, creating an inviting environment for both meditation and physical exercise. 

For more details, visit their website at Loup Yoga Studio.

Liv Plates

Liv Pilates provides a range of Pilates classes, including group mat sessions and one-to-one reformer classes. 

They specialise in pre and postnatal Pilates, helping women maintain fitness and wellbeing during and after pregnancy. The studio is renowned for its personalised approach and expert guidance. 

Learn more at Liv Pilates.

The Light Therapist

Offering Somatic Trauma Therapy in Andover, The Light Therapist provides one-to-one sessions, group classes, and workshops focused on trauma-informed breathwork, yoga therapy, and spinal energetics. 

These sessions are designed to help individuals heal and find balance within themselves. She is also preparing to launch an exciting new workshop this autumn (2024). 

For updates and more information, follow her on Instagram at The Light Therapist.


JOGA, based in Andover, Stockbridge, and the Wallops, offers Vinyasa yoga classes for all abilities, promoting strength, flexibility, and overall wellbeing. 

The classes are designed to be enjoyable and engaging, helping participants improve their fitness levels and achieve a sense of happiness and community spirit. 

Visit their site for more information: JOGA.


Fallen Willow Sauna

Located near Andover, Fallen Willow Sauna offers a unique off-grid, wood-fired sauna experience next to a spring-fed lake. 

This peaceful retreat is designed for relaxation and health benefits, providing a serene escape surrounded by nature. 

Guests can enjoy the therapeutic effects of heat exposure such as stress reduction, improved heart health, and better sleep, coupled with the invigorating experience of cold-water therapy in the lake. The sauna is available for private or community bookings year-round. 

Discover more about this serene experience at Fallen Willow Sauna.


Andover Rugby Club

Andover Rugby Club offers a dynamic range of rugby activities including mixed touch rugby in the summer and both women’s and men’s contact teams. 

The club also supports a women’s touch rugby team, fostering community spirit and physical fitness among its members. The club is a hub for those looking to engage in the sport, whether as a beginner or more experienced player. 

For more information, visit Andover Rugby Club.


Xena is an innovative online platform dedicated to women’s health, offering fitness and holistic health support specifically tailored for pregnancy, postpartum, and perimenopause. 

From home, women in Andover can access over 400 videos, personalised fitness sessions, and comprehensive support materials to guide them through each stage of their life. 

Xena aims to empower women with the knowledge and tools needed to manage their health proactively. 

Discover more about their resources and programmes at Xena.



Oaktrack is a charming local smallholding in Andover that offers a variety of fresh, locally sourced meats. 

Known for their commitment to sustainable farming practices, they also produce homemade chutneys, preserves, and other artisanal products. Visitors can learn about traditional farming methods and enjoy products that are both healthy and ethically produced. For more information, visit Oaktrack.

The Boundary Community Shop and Cafe

Nestled in the picturesque village of St Mary Bourne near Andover, The Boundary serves as a community hub offering a unique combination of a shop and café. 

It provides a cosy spot for locals to gather, shop for essentials, and enjoy a selection of homemade dishes and drinks. The venue also hosts various community events, enhancing its role as a key part of local life.

Discover more at The Boundary.

Black Chalk Winery

Set in the stunning Test Valley, Black Chalk Winery is an award-winning vineyard known for its exquisite English sparkling and still wines. 

The estate offers guided tours, tastings, and a variety of special events throughout the year in a beautiful natural setting. Whether you’re a wine aficionado or new to wine tasting, Black Chalk provides a memorable experience with each visit.

Learn more about their offerings at Black Chalk Winery.

Houghton Lodge

Houghton Lodge offers a delightful retreat with its beautifully maintained gardens, traditional tea room, and fishing opportunities along the River Test. Visitors can enjoy the tranquil surroundings and explore a variety of plant species and beautifully landscaped areas. 

The tea room provides a perfect spot for relaxation after a stroll through the gardens or a day spent fishing. It’s an ideal destination for those seeking a peaceful day out in nature. 

For more, visit the Houghton Lodge website.


Charlton Lakes

It features beautiful lakes for fishing and canoeing, well-maintained paths for walking, and picnic areas for a day out in the fresh air. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. 

For more information, visit Charlton Lakes.

Anton Lakes 

Anton Lakes Local Nature Reserve is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and walkers. Located in Andover, this nature reserve features a variety of habitats, including wetlands and woodlands, which are home to diverse species of birds and other wildlife. Well-marked trails offer serene walks and the opportunity to enjoy peaceful natural surroundings. 

Learn more at Anton Lakes.

Longstock Park Water Gardens

Longstock Park Water Gardens, part of the Leckford Estate, is renowned as one of the world’s finest water gardens. This tranquil spot in Hampshire features crystal-clear waters, diverse flora including over 100 different trees and 40 different waterlily species, and a variety of water birds. It’s an idyllic place for relaxation and nature observation. 

For visitor information and opening times, visit Longstock Park Water Gardens.


Ladies walk

Situated atop the historic town of Andover, Ladies Walk offers panoramic views over the Test Valley. 

This peaceful area features well-maintained paths that make it ideal for leisurely strolls or more vigorous walks. Its historical significance and natural beauty provide a perfect backdrop for photographers and nature lovers alike. 

For more information, visit Ladies Walk.

Wayfarers walk at North Wessex Downs

Extending over 70 miles from Inkpen in Berkshire to Emsworth Harbour, Wayfarers Walk traverses some of the most picturesque landscapes of the North Wessex Downs. 

The route offers varied scenery, from rolling hills and remote farmland to ancient woodlands and vibrant river valleys. It’s a favourite for walkers seeking a challenging long-distance path with stunning views and a rich history. 

Find out more about the route at Wayfarers Walk.


Andover Wellbeing Festival

We are pleased to share that the Wellbeing Fair will be back on Andover High Street on Sunday, 23rd June 2024, 10 am-2 pm. 

It will include a marketplace where people can discover and learn about local organisations offering well-being services, including physical activity, social clubs, skills and volunteering opportunities, and health services. 

There will also be a marquee on the high street, which will include a programme of taster workshops, activities, talks and performances, which you are warmly invited to contribute to.  


Andover Trees United

Andover Trees United is a community initiative aimed at involving young people and the wider community in environmental education and practical conservation. 

Through projects like Harmony Woods, they focus on creating and nurturing woodland areas in Andover, enhancing biodiversity, and providing a learning platform for environmental care. 

Their activities include volunteer planting days, educational programmes, and community engagement projects. For more information and how to get involved, visit Andover Trees United.

To Conclude: Healthy Things To Do In Andover

As we’ve explored in this guide, Andover is brimming with opportunities to enrich your physical and mental health through a variety of activities tailored to all interests and ages.

From rejuvenating yoga sessions and thrilling outdoor adventures to nourishing food experiences and community events, Andover truly offers something to boost every aspect of your well-being.

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